¡Hola mis cyberamigos! ¡Que Dios les traiga paz, amor, salúd, felicidad, y prosperidad en el Nuevo aņo. Son los deseos de Armando Mendoza y familia Desde los Estados Unidos de Norte America! 2002-2003, Felices Fiestas!

May the Lord bring peace, love, health, happiness, and prosperity to you and your family in the new millenium. Armando Mendoza and family. United States of America 2002-2003 Some people say that when the calendar was discovered, they started counting from number 1, instead of zero "0". For at that time, the Hindus had not yet discovered the decimal numerical system that is in use nowdays, which also included zero "0". At the other hand, the Mayans in MesoAmerica, had already been using zero "0" for millenia, that's way before anybody else was doing it! For more info regarding that subject, check this website:  http://www.mexconnect.com/mex_/travel/ldumois/maya/mayanindex.html Please, don't neglect to send me a commentary about this website and its contents, at the e-mail downbelow. Thanks! Your cyberfriend Armando Mendoza.

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